American Flag Pet Attire

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Explore a collection of American Flag clothes, including a patriotic pet costume, tailored for small companions. Showcasing the iconic Stars and Stripes design, these costumes embody national pride while adding a playful touch to your pet’s style. Crafted for small pets, these flag-themed outfits exude charm and flair, making them perfect for gatherings, parades, or themed events. Let your furry friend stand out with these carefully designed American Flag costumes that evoke a sense of unity and celebration. Elevate your e-commerce experience by discovering these small-sized ensembles that beautifully blend fashion and patriotism.

Dress Size:15.00X10.00X3.00cm/5.89X3.93X1.18in
Hat Size: About 10X3.50cm/3.94X5.31X1.38in
Bow tie Size: About 8.50X5.00cm/3.35X1.97in



2 reviews for American Flag Pet Attire

  1. Maria (verified owner)

    Wearing this attire is a heartfelt tribute to our homeland.

  2. Penelope (verified owner)

    The design of this flag clothing is a visual masterpiece.

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